After yoga class I rushed into the shower. I looked at many beautiful asses on my way, most of the girls were sweet and sweat, full of energy, and how I wanted to join many of them in the shower cabin. I took a shower so quickly, trying not to think about all the female charms I saw today, and especially I wanted to get out of my head two yoga neighbors, these girls, Brunette and sweet Blonde. So I’ve tried not to touch my hard cock, all in soap, and it took seven minutes for me to jump out of the shower and hunt for the next prey. Pretending that I text someone, I was hanging around with the cell phone in my hand. One nice chick with wet hair walked by, twirling her ass. I could see her at the juice bar, while she ordered a very healthy fresh squeezed drink, playfully rubbed her legs one with another. Oh, I’d squeeze her hard pumped ass – it looked so great in tight sporty shorts…I’d squeeze softly her boobs – despite soft bra and top, water flowed from her hair and made her clothes a little bit wet, and her nipples got hard immediately. I was stunned, trying to make a short upskirt for my collection, her belly and boobies were unbelievable. I took me by surprise when my ‘old friend’, the Blonde girl, came there and started talking to me, while I was sipping fresh apple and carrot juice. - Hi there, - she said and smiled.

– I remember you, one who can make such a difficult asana from the first time. Confused, I became cheeky, and answer: - Have you got the eyes on your beautiful back? Well, she wasn’t offended, and then I bought her an organic cocktail. In ten minutes her dark-haired friend joined us, so we were cheerfully talking for a while, and my favorite blondish girl gave me her number, whispering in my ear:

- It’s Friday night tonight, let’s rock! I and my roommate invite you at our place; we’ll make a little party tonight, starting at 8.

- Who’s your roommate? - I asked.

- Oh, here she is. Lisa. – And my Blonde introduced me to the Brunette.

- Okay, girls, I won’t be late. Healthy lifestyle will wait, so tell me, what do you prefer to drink?

- Tequila, - they said in chorus and laughed. Here I am, with two bottles of hard drink, near the girls’ door. My spy cam is in my pocket. Cannot describe, how successful the party was. I drunk tequila from the girl’s navels, licked salt from the bellies, between the boobs, and had a piece of lime from their lips and teeth. When girls turned away, I was picking up the Blonde’s skirt and filmed a naughty lingerie, then, putting my cam between the legs of Brunette, who were in blue ripped denim shorts, I founded out she has no panties at all. At least I begged the girls to make my dream come true – to take a shower with them. In a steamy cabin we made a small threesome party – they rubbed me with a sponge; I caressed every butt cheek and every pair of boobies. Then they played with my balls, and, flushing the soap foam then, made a tunnel for my dick with their wet hot mouths. These girls know a lot about parties!